From McDonald’s Crew Member to General Manager

Cesar Fonseca- resize

McDonald’s General Manager, Cesar Fonseca, Credits McDonald’s for His Success

While there are some who consider a job at McDonald’s as simply a part-time occupation to earn extra money, there are many who regard the company as a preferred employer and credit it with providing them unprecedented opportunities. Over the years, the Golden Arch’s commitment to offering quality coaching, thought leadership, mentoring, and relevant education workshops for its employees has produced many success stories within the McDonald’s family.

This is one of them.

In 2001, Cesar Fonseca began working as a Crew Member at a local McDonald’s in Elmhurst, Queens. His personal drive and ambition led him to pursue a degree in business management at DeVry University while continuing to work his way up the ranks at the restaurant. Cesar credits his two general managers for providing him with the guidance to learn the business while fulfilling his day-to-date responsibilities.

“Their mentorships allowed me to make mistakes, correct them and move on,” said Cesar. “They didn’t hesitate to put me back on track, and they took the extra time to really teach me the business from the ground up.”

After completing his training at Hamburger University, McDonald’s global center for operations training and leadership development, Cesar was promoted to General Manager in 2011 at the very same restaurant where he began his McDonald’s career.

Today, Cesar continues to thrive in this role and is now a mentor to his own junior staff.

“It has not been easy to get to where I am. I had the same experiences as some of my current crew members – balancing school and work.” said Cesar. “I have four crew members that are in school and are going to be promoted to managers. McDonald’s is one of the few brands that encourages and motivates their employees to challenge themselves. I enjoy paying it forward.”