East Orange McDonald’s Welcomes Teen L.I.F.E. Day Camp


Local McDonald’s owner Jessica Quintana with a group of teenagers from Teen L.I.F.E Day Camp and Executive Director David Jefferson Jr.

This past week, a local McDonald’s franchisee in the New York Metro region hosted Teen L.I.F.E. Day Camp, a non-for-profit organization that provides leadership training to teenagers. This event was part of the organization’s mission to offer at-risk teens meaningful experiences and to teach them skills that embody leadership qualities, all through developmental workshops.

Jessica Quintana, a local McDonald’s owner in New Jersey, shared her story with a group of teenagers by delivering an inspiring and relatable talk about how she started as a crew person. She spoke about her commitment to hard work and her passion for what she does. Those qualities helped her become the proud owner of several McDonald’s restaurants in the New York Metro area. She recognized that being part of McDonald’s, an organization that believes in diversity and in providing the necessary training to its people, helped her accomplish her goals.

“Whatever you want to do, you can do it. But you have to believe–truly believe you can do it, and you must combine that belief with hard work and motivation,” stated Quintana. “Anyone can have a successful life and career at McDonald’s; the opportunities are there just like they were for me,” she added.

As part of the day’s activities at the McDonald’s restaurant, the group of teens, ages 14-17 along with David Jefferson Jr., Teen L.I.F.E. Day Camp’s Executive Director, learned about the operation of the restaurant as Quintana gave them a tour. They also learned about the quality, freshness and assembly of the food, after which they enjoyed a lunch hosted by Quintana.


Photo credit: d expósito & Partners

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