McDonald’s Trains Local Managers to Deliver Gold Standard Services

Manager's and Nutritionist #2

From left to right: McDonald’s NY Metro managers (Elizabeth Lopez, Luz Rosillo and Jose Muñoz) with registered dietitian Sandra Arévalo

McDonald’s New York Metro provided a Guest Service Workshop to local restaurant managers on July 16th at the Glenpointe Marriott in New Jersey.  In attendance were more than 485 McDonald’s restaurant managers and local McDonald’s owners who participated in a series of activities and challenges all focused on delivering Gold Standard Service to guests.

In addition to learning about available tools and resources that can assist them in improving service times and successfully executing new product introductions, Registered Dietician Sandra Arévalo was also on hand to discuss balanced, wholesome menu options and how to successfully help customers navigate the menu and make informed decisions to fit their nutritional needs.

“It’s up to the restaurant managers to know our products so they may become the best possible ambassadors of McDonald’s and so they can help our guests make informed choices about our wholesome menu options,” said Lori Prymak, McDonald’s Regional Training Manager.  “Ultimately, this experience will result in happier guests that not only receive great service, but that can view McDonald’s as a trusted nutritional Partner,” she added.


Photo credit: d expósito & Partners

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