McDonald’s Offers Career Challenges

Daniela Duran, Store Manager of McDonald’s restaurant in Ramsey, NJ

From Crew Member to Store Manager – Daniela Duran’s Story

When looking to start a career, many don’t think twice or even once about McDonald’s.  But Daniela Duran recognized the opportunities she could garner though hard work and perseverance. A 13-year veteran, Daniela started out in a New Jersey’s McDonald’s as a crew member.  She moved around to various locations and steadily climbed up the ranks.

Her break came in Ramsey, NJ where she became a Supervisor.  From there she moved on to another McDonald’s to become an assistant manager and then to her current position of Store Manager.  Daniela credits her first store manager for helping mold her into the manager she is today.  “I learned a lot from Steve.  He was always there to lend a hand to crew members, to customers, to everyone.  His spirit inspired me, and to this day I always say that I want to be just like him.”

“One of my first challenges as a store manager was increasing breakfast sales in a very competitive environment.  I communicated this challenge to our crew, and with their help we were successful,” said Daniela.  “I have a number of high school students in my crew, and it’s very important to work around their schedules.  School comes first, but when they ask me about my job at McDonald’s I tell them for me, this is only the beginning.  I have many more goals to reach, and I can reach them with McDonald’s,” she added.

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