Our People: Leading the Way to Success

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Maria Mestanza (McDonald’s Store Manager) and Josh Kaufman (McDonald’s Owner/Operator)

When many people visit McDonald’s, they come for a quick meal, not necessarily to look for career opportunities.  But when you have just arrived from another country and don’t yet have a full command of the English language, opportunities for work can be scarce.  That didn’t stop Maria Mestanza. She first visited McDonald’s as a customer, started working there as a member of the cleaning crew, and is now a Store Manager.

“I tell my crew that if you have the will, you can find opportunities for career advancement at McDonald’s,” said Maria Mestanza.  “I use my own story as an example.  I came to this country, knowing little English, got a job on the cleaning crew and through hard work and determination I was able to move up.”

Maria acknowledges that at times she was afraid, especially when she worked at the counter, but the people who trained her had a great deal of patience and she finally became more comfortable.  She moved from cleaning crew to the kitchen, and eventually learned to train others.  “That was a wonderful experience to actually help others – it helped me grow in many ways,” said Maria.

“As a single mother of four, I am thrilled that my career at McDonald’s has opened to the doors of opportunity for my children,” said Maria.  “My children always said that I could do it.  And thanks to many people who have helped and encouraged me, I now believe in myself as well.”


Photo credit: d expósito & Partners

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