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Celebrating 50 Years with McDonald’s: Mr. Ernie Trefz

Last month, the East Division of McDonald’s USA held their annual Owner Operator Awards & Recognition (ROA) Event at Atlantic City, NJ, to celebrate individuals with milestone achievements in the McDonald’s community.

Mr. Ernie Trefz is one such individual who has devoted 50 years of outstanding service and commitment to McDonald’s.

They story began in 1957, when Ernie was Vice President and General Manager of the Rosselers Meat Packing Company in Bridgeport, CT  working alongside his brother, Chris. With McDonald’s being their largest customer at that time, Ernie and Chris were inspired to pursue a career as McDonald’s franchisees.

On September 27, 1964, their first McDonald’s in Waterbury, CT opened for business. Today, the Trefz family now operates 43 McDonald’s restaurants.

Over the years, Ernie has held several leadership positions in the region, including OPNAD Chairman in 1974 and Chairman of the Marketing Committee during the introduction of breakfast. Ernie’s wife, Joan, served on the Board of Directors and was one of the founding chair people of Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Over the past 50 years, Ernie and Chris have received numerous of awards for their outstanding restaurants and community service, including the elite Golden Arch Award, which is earned by less than 1% of McDonald’s franchisees at its 33,000 restaurants around the world. They have also developed ten Ray Kroc Award winners in the past decade.

Ernie and Chris bring love and dedication to McDonald’s every single day, and are great role models and an inspiration to all who work for them.


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  1. pinkoctopus - 4 years ago

    50 years.. what a legacy. Congrats on an amazing milestone Mr. Trefz.

  2. emo1010 - 3 years ago

    This is a great family to work for.
    Iv’e been working with them for over 34 years. They have always been there for me. Thank You Mr. Ernest and Christian Trefz.