Employees are the Key to McDonald’s Success

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From Kitchen Worker to Manager - Silvia Perez’s Story

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

That’s a question many children are asked.  Few, if any, would respond, “I want to work at McDonald’s.”  But that is where Silvia Perez’s career started and continues to thrive.  McDonald’s became her Employer of Choice because of the many opportunities it provided her, the spirit of diversity and inclusion that made her career possible, thanks to the people who helped mentor her along the way.

Silvia Perez began working at McDonald’s more than 11 years ago.  She started as part of the kitchen crew, but with the mentoring of George Gutierrez, and later Celeste and Jessica Quintana, she’s now proud to be a Store Manager.

A native of Honduras, Silvia says, “I am very lucky to have received numerous awards and recognition throughout my career.”  She added, “Thanks to people like Tania Quesada, I was able to learn more and do more.  She really took me under her wing and helped me succeed.”

A graduate of Hamburger University, Silvia believes that her McDonald’s crew is like a family, everyone looking out for one another.  Recently, one of her kitchen crew became ill and was unable to work for months.  “Our crew pulled together, helped our friend and fellow employee out at home, and even took up a collection for her.  All of this was accomplished with the help of management,” said Silvia.  “To me, that epitomizes why McDonald’s is a great place to work.”


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