OUR PEOPLE: Nicole Davis, McDonald’s General Manager and Ray Kroc Award Recipient for 2014

Nicole Davis RKA

Many teenagers work at McDonald’s, but not many stick to the job. Little do they know that dedicating to one job can bring great success.  Nicole Davis is one such example where dedication and perseverance paid off.

At the age of 15, Nicole started working at McDonald’s as a part-time employee. She was an athlete in high school, which sparked her interest to major in Sports Management at the State University of New York at Cortland. Even while in college, she continued working part-time at McDonald’s.

After graduating, Nicole decided to further her career with McDonald’s because one of her professors told her that “his most successful student ever had a career with McDonald’s.” This, along with having a great team, motivated Nicole to continue her involvement with the company.  She loved being exposed to the exciting business of running a store and learning the ins and outs of daily operations.  Nicole quickly rose through the ranks and became Manager of the McDonald’s in Islip, NY.

This position gave Nicole a lot of responsibility and power. One of her biggest challenges was learning how to find work/life balance.  “The restaurant business is nonstop,” she said. “Whether I’m there or not, the store has to run, and it’s all on me… I have a lot to answer for.”

Through determination, time management and hard work, Nicole was able to overcome that challenge and achieve phenomenal success.  She is now the General Manager of the McDonald’s restaurant in Plainview, NY.  She was also the recipient of the prestigious Ray Kroc Award of 2014, which is only presented to the top 1% of McDonald’s General Managers in the U.S. who have demonstrated outstanding excellence in their role.

Despite being recognized for her achievements, Davis has not forgotten the many opportunities McDonald’s has given her and strives to pay it forward for her employees by mentoring them in life and career decisions. “It’s exciting to see them learn the ropes and in some cases move up to manager, and to show them what the job has to offer,” she said. “I also enjoy seeing them go through high school and being able to write recommendation letters for them.”

To this day, Nicole continues to serve as an exemplary role model to her co-workers and community.

(Fun Fact: Davis’ husband is also a McDonald’s employee and previous Ray Kroc Award recipient. The pair met at work.)


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  1. pinkoctopus - 4 years ago

    McD is not a bad place to start a career at all…ppl that talk negative have never worked there!