Celebrating 40 Years with McDonald’s: Mr. Roy Goodman

Local McDonald’s franchisee Mr. Roy Goodman was recently recognized for 40 years of service and dedication to the company.

As a young adult, Roy attended New York University, where he majored in Engineering — however, his mind was always set on the American Dream of owning and operating his own business.  After graduation, Roy worked as a carpet salesman for Kane Carpet, where he met Bob Larose. Both Roy and Bob shared great ambitions of becoming business owners, and teamed up together to take a risk which would change their future forever.  In 1973, when McDonald’s was still a small hamburger company, Roy and Bob invested everything they had into opening a McDonald’s restaurant.

Since then, the McDonald’s brand has grown and expanded globally to become the Golden Arches that everyone recognizes today.

After years of working together, Roy and Bob eventually decided to go their separate ways while Roy continued his relationship with McDonald’s. Since then, Roy and his son, Paul, have expanded their family business to 7 restaurants in the New York Metro region: 4 in Manhattan and 3 in Brooklyn.  His restaurants include the iconic McDonald’s on Canal Street (in Chinatown, NY) and the McDonald’s on 160 Broadway (by Fulton Street in Lower Manhattan).

Today, Roy resides in both New York and Florida while still maintaining a presence in New York to manage his network of McDonald’s restaurants. Roy is an inspiring example of how taking a risk in the beginning can lead to a legacy of success.

Let’s all congratulate Roy and the Goodman family for a wonderful 40 years of commitment to McDonald’s and their customers!

  1. pinkoctopus - 3 years ago

    40 years is a long time.. amazing. I go to the one in Canal St all the time!