Ringing in the Year of the Goat

McDonald’s New York Tri-State rang in the Year of the Goat at the annual Lunar New Year Parades in Flushing (Queens) and Chinatown (NYC) this past weekend.  Thousands of people attended the festivities, which featured decorative floats, marching bands, lion dances, cultural performances, and processions by local elected officials and organizations in the Asian community.

More than 6,000 people marched in each of the parades. The Chinatown Parade was followed by a cultural festival at Sara D. Roosevelt Park, which featured more performances by musicians, dancers and martial artists.

Prior to the parades, a traditional Firecracker Ceremony was held on Thursday, February 19, at Sara D. Roosevelt Park to ward off evil spirits before the main festivities.

According to Chinese astrology, people born under the Goat sign are gentle, calm and very likable.  They have a special fondness to art, beauty and tend to live quietly. Although they are known to be very good at taking care of others, they can also be very indecisive, timid and pessimistic at times.

If you were at the Lunar New Year Parades this weekend, what did you enjoy the most? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. pinkoctopus - 3 years ago

    Look at all those fries!

    I liked the firecrackers and the confetti! And the lion dancing is really cool with the drums. We went to McD’s on Bowery after :D