Our Global Commitment on Deforestation

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Deforestation is a worldwide issue that creates challenges for future generations due to loss of biodiversity and contributions to climate change. According to the World Wildlife Fund, it also accounts for 15-20% of global greenhouse gas emissions, which shows the urgent need to address the concern.

On April 21st, McDonald’s announced a global Commitment on Deforestation across the Company’s expansive global supply chain. The Commitment builds upon McDonald’s Global Sustainability Framework and longstanding leadership in the area of sustainable sourcing. The commitment involves the entire supply chain and focuses on priority products, including: beef, fiber-based packaging, coffee, palm oil, and poultry.

Applying throughout the entire supply chain, the core principles and practices of McDonald’s Commitment on Deforestation include:

  • No deforestation of primary forests or areas of High Conservation Value
  • No development of High Carbon Stock forest areas
  • No development on peatlands, regardless of depth, and the utilization of best management practices for existing commodity production on peatlands
  • Respect human rights
  • Respect the right of all affected communities to give or withhold their free, prior and informed consent for plantation developments on land they own legally, communally or by custom
  • Resolve land rights disputes through a balanced and transparent dispute resolution process
  • Verify origin of raw material production
  • Support smallholders, farmers, plantation owners and suppliers to comply with this commitment

At McDonald’s, we view protection of forests and High Conservation Value areas as important business and societal issues and believe our role is not just to avoid negative impacts, but to promote responsible production that benefits people, communities and the planet. Watch the video below to learn more about our sustainability efforts or visit:

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