Celebrating “I’m Lovin’ It Day” with our Customers

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On Friday, we celebrated “I’m Lovin’ It Day” by bringing back the very successful Pay With Lovin’ event for one day to show appreciation for our customers.

Lucky customers who entered participating McDonald’s restaurants* were selected at randomized, pre-determined times on Friday, May 8 to participate in the campaign. Once the customer completed his or her order and presented a method of payment, the restaurant Guest Service Manager offered the customer the option to pay for their order with an act of Lovin’ instead. For instance, breakfast might cost a friendly fist bump to a McDonald’s crew member, lunch could be paid for with a call to a loved one and dinner could go for a compliment**.

“Our customers had a lot of fun with Pay With Lovin’, but our employees had a blast too,” said Ed Acre, a McDonald’s franchisee based in New Jersey. “We decided to bring it back because everyone was having such an enjoyable in-store experience.”

Photos and videos are shared online on Twitter and Instagram @McDNYTriState.  Customers also uploaded and tagged their own photos with #ImLovinIt.  

* Drive Thru not included

** Examples only

  1. pinkoctopus - 3 years ago

    Ba ra pa pa paaa… btw lovin’ the large signs they are too cute!! And the tower of nuggets is just full of AWESOME