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WATCH: McDonald’s as a Second Family

Newburgh resident Gabrielle Hill returned to McDonald’s® after 20 years and is named the recipient of the 2014 Crew Person of the Year Award.

Gabrielle first joined a McDonald’s franchise in 1989 as a full-time crew person. She left the company after five years to start a family, but always looked back at her time with the restaurant fondly. Twenty years later, with her children all grown up, the mother of two decided to re-enter the workforce. Gabrielle now divides her time between two different restaurant locations in Newburgh, which are both owned and operated by franchisee Dean Colley. Gabrielle credits much of her success to her team members’ care and support.

“They really treat you like family at McDonald’s,” said Gabrielle. “It’s not just ‘punch in, punch out,’ you can really speak with your managers and your supervisors, and that’s a great feeling to have, knowing that you have a support system.”

Working for the McDonald’s brand is literally a family affair for Gabrielle. Her eldest daughter works at a nearby restaurant that is also owned and operated by Colley.

“I am extremely proud of Gabrielle and all that she has accomplished so far,” said Dean Colley, a long-time McDonald’s franchisee. “She serves as a shining example of the many career opportunities available to employees and our commitment to recognizing outstanding people.”

When asked about her secret to providing award-winning customer service, Gabrielle shared the following, “As crew people, we are not just there to serve our guests – we also want to put smiles on their faces. Customers should leave our restaurants feeling happier than when they came in.”

  1. eduddy - 3 years ago

    Bravo to Gabrielle!
    I am loving the positive vibes I get from the employees at the Central Nyack McDonalds. I appreciate their friendly attitudes! ♥