Ronald McDonald House & Newsday Celebrate 23-Year Partnership

newsdayMembers of Newsday and The Ronald McDonald House of Long Island pose with Newsday’s $20,300 donation check. Photo Credit: Chris Boyle.

New Hyde Park non-profit charity names renovated family room in newspaper’s honor

For 23 years, Newsday has been helping to support The Ronald McDonald House of Long Island; in turn, The Ronald McDonald House has decided that the time was right to give a little something back to their long-time benefactor.

The Ronald McDonald House of Long Island is located in New Hyde Park, NY, next to Cohen Children’s Hospital. Photo Credit: Chris Boyle.

Newsday, a steadfast supporter of The Ronald McDonald House, has been providing sizable annual checks to the charity for 23 years and counting, and on May 28 representatives from the newspaper presented a check for a whopping $20,300 to help support the services of the not-for-profit agency.

The annual donation represents fifty precent of Newsday papers sold in select McDonald’s locations across Long Island which are owned and operated by the Liedtke, Frazier, and Anderer Organizations and McDonalds Corporation, according to the newspaper’s Vice President of Public Affairs, Paul Fleishman, who said that despite the economic uncertainty of recent years, their commitment to “The House That Love Built” remains as strong and unwavering as ever.

“Our partnership has been terrific…over 20 years,” he said. “We know that you’ll put this money to good use.”

Members of Newsday, The Ronald McDonald House of Long Island, McDonald’s owner/operators Steven Frazier, Jaime Liedtke and LI McDonald’s Marketing/PR Director Luciana Montuoro. Photo Credit: Chris Boyle.

“We are extremely grateful to have this wonderful program in place with Newsday,” said Luciana Montuoro, Long Island McDonald’s Marketing & Public Relations Director. “It’s a great feeling to know that Newsday donates fifty percent for every Newsday purchased at select Long Island McDonald’s restaurants to Long Island’s “best kept secret”…the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island. We thank Newsday for their continued support of this wonderful program which has tremendously helped further the mission of the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island over the years.”

However, unbeknownst to them, Newsday would be getting a gift of their own that day.

David Rosner, Director of Development, said that The Ronald McDonald House – which can accommodate up for 42 families at a time – has recently completed what is known as “Phase Two” of a recent renovation in collaboration with a company called Kravet that is based out of Bethpage, NY, transforming their New Hyde Park location into what could only be called a livable piece of art.

“A number of members of the interior design community at Kravet participated, and over $5 million in labor and materials were donated, transforming The Ronald McDonald House into the first of its kind…a permanent showhouse,” he said. “Designers will usually take a $20 million condo, and each designer will build it out, show it for three or four weeks, money goes to charity, vendors and the public come in, then they sell it and tear it down and move onto the next project. However, this is the first of its kind that designers did as a showhouse but people are living in it.”

A recent renovation in collaboration Bethpage-based company Kravet saw many rooms at The Ronald McDonald House transformed into livable pieces of art. Photo Credit: Chris Boyle.

Each designer basically tackled one room apiece in the The Ronald McDonald House, each one giving their respective space their own personal touch and theme; indeed, the various completed rooms were all lush, creative, and very impressive, each in their own unique way, from the New York Mets room to the neon-accented room to the nature-inspired room. Frankly, it was hard to believe that people would actually be living in these glorious spaces; normally, one would expect to see such grand work on display in a gallery instead.

Each Kravet designer tackled one room apiece in the The Ronald McDonald House, each one giving their respective space their own personal touch and theme. Photo Credit: Chris Boyle.

In addition to the newly-redesigned living quarters, other new additions to The Ronald McDonald House include a full gym, a meditation room, and a business office.

Matthew Campo, Executive Director of The Ronald McDonald House, gratefully accepted the generous donation, and in turn countered with a surprise for the Newsday representatives that tied directly in with the completion of their renovations.

“The money really does a tremendous amount of good here at the House, and it’s so greatly appreciated,” he said. “So, we have decided that, in honor of this program with Newsday, we are going to name one of our rooms in your honor.”

Newsday representatives are shown the soon-to-be-dedicated Newsday room by Matthew Campo, Executive Director of The Ronald McDonald House. Photo Credit: Chris Boyle.

The soon-to-be-dedicated Newsday room is a calming, soothing domicile boasting a post-modern design that favors soft whites and black accenting lines; just the thing for a family to retire to for some relaxation and slumber after a long, hard day at the hospital. The official naming will take place in the near-future, Campo said.

(L to R): Paul Fleishman, Vice President of Public Affairs for Newsday and Matthew Campo, Executive Director of The Ronald McDonald House, engage in a round of applause to celebrate a successful partnership of 23 years and counting. Photo Credit: Chris Boyle.

Fleishman noted that his organization’s contributions to The Ronald McDonald House have always been purely altruistic; however, the fact that an actual room will be named in Newsday’s honor to reflect a partnership that has spanned over two decades is nonetheless quite touching, he said.

“That’s an unexpected tribute…we don’t do this looking for that,” he said. “But to have them make that decision is very, very important to us, and we really appreciate it.”


For more information on the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island, visit www.rmhlongisland.org.  For more information on other Long Island McDonald’s programs, visit www.LIMcDonalds.com. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @McDNYTriState

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