How McDonald’s® Career Opportunities Have Helped Two Generations

IlsiaVasquez 640 x 339From Kitchen Manager to General Manager – The Story of Ilsia Vasquez

When people come for a job at McDonald’s, many discover that there is more than a minimum wage job waiting; there are career opportunities available thanks to the “Archways to Opportunity” training, educational programs that can equate to college earned credits, and real-world experience the company offers its employees. Ilsia Vasquez’s career trajectory at McDonald’s is living proof that where there is a “Ganas” (will) there is a way.

Ilsia Vasquez began working at McDonald’s in 2000 as a Kitchen Manager for local McDonald’s owners Carlos and Lupe Wong. Her previous eight years of experience at another quick service restaurant held her in good stead as she applied and attained the job she desired.  And her willingness to take advantage of the opportunities at McDonald’s helped her aspire and attain even more.

Originally from Guatemala, Ilsia states that “Thanks to the Wong organization and McDonald’s, I was able to achieve the American Dream.” She added, “I had a steady job in my native country, but upon arriving in the U.S. I was able to reach new heights.” In 2005, she attended Hamburger University for training and in 2006 received a “Street Fighter Award” for outstanding sales, even after two competitors had arrived in her restaurant’s sales area.

Today, Ilsia is the General Manager Dover Plains, New York and her children who have been experienced their mother’s career path and opportunities offered have followed in her footsteps making their own careers at McDonald’s. “My daughter is the Kitchen Manager at my restaurant and has been working at McDonald’s for nine years. My son is the Assistant General Manager at another McDonald’s restaurant and has been working for ten years.” I like to mentor the younger generations to let them know that the potential for a good career path exist at McDonald’s. I use myself as an example and let them know that McDonald’s gave me more than a stable job; it provided the training resources and educational opportunities that was extended to members of my own family” said Ilsia. “The opportunities are there for anyone who wants to achieve success, you just need to grab a hold and want it for yourself.”


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