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Local McDonald’s Tests ‘Create Your Taste’ Custom Burger Experience

Over the past year, select McDonald’s restaurants on the West Coast have been testing a burger customization menu called “Create Your Taste” allowing customers to completely personalize their burger by choosing from a variety of premium toppings. On Monday, August 3, 2015, “Create Your Taste” launched at the McDonald’s restaurant located at 966 3rd Avenue in Manhattan.

With Create your Taste in New York City, each Quarter Pound Beef and Sirloin Third-Pound 100% USDA inspected beef patty is grilled to order and topped with special ingredients that meet each customer’s taste. Customers can choose from a variety of premium ingredients including:
• Bread: Buttered and toasted Artisan Roll, Ciabatta Bun, Premium Bun, or Lettuce Bun
• Cheese: American Cheese, Natural Sharp White Cheddar or Natural Pepper Jack Cheese
• Toppings: Guacamole, Jalapeños, Grilled Mushrooms, Thick cut Applewood Smoked Bacon, Crisp Red Onion, Caramelized Grilled Onions, Chili Lime Tortilla Strips, Crinkle Cut Pickles, Crisp Green Lettuce or Fresh Sliced Tomato
• Sauce: Ketchup, Mustard, Big Mac Special Sauce, Sriracha Spicy Mayo, Creamy Garlic Sauce, or Sweet BBQ Sauce

In addition to creating their own burgers, customers can choose from three mouthwatering specialty builds:
• SoCal Style: 1/4 lb. 100% beef or 1/3 lb. 100% sirloin beef topped with natural sharp white cheddar, guacamole, chili lime tortilla chips, fresh sliced ripe tomato, crisp green leaf lettuce and creamy garlic sauce served on a buttered toasted artisan roll
• Hot All Over: 1/4 lb. 100% beef or 1/3 lb. 100% sirloin beef topped with natural pepper jack cheese, sliced jalapeños, fresh sliced ripe tomato, crisp green leaf lettuce and spicy mayo, served on a buttered toasted artisanal roll
• Grill Thriller: 1/4 lb. 100% beef or 1/3 lb. 100% sirloin beef topped with thick cut Applewood smoked bacon, natural sharp white cheddar, caramelized grilled onions, grilled mushrooms and sweet BBQ sauce, served on a buttered toasted artisanal roll.

Customers will get to enjoy a premium McDonald’s burger made just for them and experience a new way of dining at McDonald’s in New York City when they order from the “Create Your Taste” menu. Available to order inside restaurants only, each burger order will be delivered to customers by a server, directly to their table. They will be presented open-faced in special metal baskets to highlight each quality ingredient. “Create Your Taste” is part of McDonald’s effort to offer customers a personalized, customizable experience and provide a great variety of quality ingredients and menu items. Thus far, consumer and crew response to the new concept has been positive in those restaurants that are currently testing.


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  1. pinkoctopus - 3 years ago

    I tried it and it was the BEST burger ever!!!!!!!! Artisan bun w/ 2 Sirloin patties, spicy mayo, crispy onions and the peppered tomato.. yummmmmmmmm. I hope this rolls out to more stores