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Achieving Personal and Professional Development through McDonald’s

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When Rosa Moya began working at a local independently owned and operated McDonald’s restaurant she set a goal for herself: to have bigger and better job opportunities. Today, seventeen years after she came to New York from Ecuador, Rosa is general manager of the Mahopac restaurant. She recognizes how this would not have been possible if not for the help of her employers, Lupe and Carlos Wong, that own this McDonald’s, as well as that of her peers.

Rosa quickly learned that teamwork is essential. When she applied to work in the restaurant’s kitchen, she was told she’d need to memorize all the ingredients in the sandwiches served, a difficult task since Rosa did not speak much English at the time. But two teammates, one from Mexico and another from El Salvador, helped her remember those ingredients by writing them on the sandwich wrappers.

“I became good friends with my workmates and I shared special moments with many people from different Hispanic countries,” says Rosa and recalls the many birthdays that her team and her celebrated together.

Aside from the great working environment, Rosa highlights how motivated she feels at her McDonald’s restaurant. So now, when she trains new team members, she always advises them to do two things: believe in themselves and try to learn something new every day. That attitude has led Rosa to win awards such as the Outstanding Manager Award given by her McDonald’s franchisee organization, which is why she loves working at McDonald’s, a place where her work is recognized.


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