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Ray Kroc Award Winner and Part-Time Student

Longtime McDonald’s general manager Patricia Tulloch has always been a people person.

While growing up in Jamaica, Tulloch had a penchant for helping others and serving her community.  After immigrating to the United States at the age of 16, she found a place where she could parlay those passions into a career: McDonald’s.

“The best part about my job is working with people, both the customers and my crew,” said the Queens resident, who has been with McDonald’s for 25 years. “Each day, my team and I aim to deliver great service and create golden moments for our guests.”

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Tulloch’s leadership and dedication has not gone unnoticed. In addition to winning several managerial awards throughout her career, she recently received the Golden Arches’ highest and most prestigious honor, the Ray Kroc Award. Named after the legendary founder, the award recognizes the top 1% of restaurant managers worldwide.

“Patricia is a great leader and role model for everyone at the restaurant,” said Dave Hatton, the owner of the Brooklyn McDonald’s that Tulloch manages. “She inspires the crew to be the best they can be and I couldn’t be happier to see her celebrated for her stellar career with us.”

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If balancing the demands of work and motherhood were not enough, Tulloch has also taken on a new challenge: college. She’s currently enrolled in night classes at her local CUNY school and pursuing a degree in social work. Tulloch credits her flexible work schedule and Archways to Opportunity, a McDonald’s education initiative that provides tuition assistance to employees, for allowing her to fulfill her lifelong dream of going to college.

“I’m incredibly lucky to work for an organization that supports me in everything that I do, whether at work or at school,” said Tulloch. “This is just one of the many reasons that I have stayed after all these years, and I look forward to the many more years to come.”

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